Tracy Design Studio

Architecture + Interiors

“My approach is to find that precarious balance between the beauty and the emotional substance; that is the hertiage of Europe on the one hand, and American ideas of comfort and practically on the other. I believe that if that balance is achieved, then serenity and timelessness will follow, and these above all, are what I seek.”

Maria Tracystarted her professional career with a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University Of Houston College Of Architecture. As an Architectural History assistant, she performed in-depth studies of many “archetypes” and developed an appreciation for not only the classics, but the “newer design” eras such as the twenties, thirties and mid-century modern. She was privileged to teach Architectural History and Architectural Design courses in the Summer Studies Program with the University of Florence and University of Rome. Through those experiences she developed a wealth of knowledge and impassioned desire for the enhancement of architecture through interior design.

“In Florence and Rome, I found myself, for the first time. I was moved by the recognition of the profound effect Anthropomorphic spaces, or space that humans can relate to in Florence , and shocked by the monumental scale in Rome”.

Maria is uniquely qualified to create three dimensional spaces, using historical references – layering her work with nuances of Palladio, Brunelleschi, William Kent and Americans, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Latrobe and her Patron Saint, John Saladino. This has resulted in a vast knowledge of stylistic application and creative interpretations. During the 26-year history of Tracy Design Studio, Maria has produced a well-respected portfolio – a history of enabling clients to bring their visions to fruition. Whether designing spatial layouts, lighting configurations, interior facades, furniture, or accessorizing; she takes “Custom Design” to “High Design”. For this reason, Maria’s design expertise is well respected and sought after.